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Accepting New Clients for Telehealth, ADHD Coaching, and Life Coaching

August/September 2022


My name is Craig Mead LCSW, LCPC, ADHD-CCSP and I genuinely enjoy helping people overcome everyday life challenges, major transitions, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and ADHD. I believe everyone has the potential to not just resolve their current struggles but also feel truly happier and more fulfilled with their current life. I offer a free no-obligation video consultation and online self-scheduling.


In-Network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Choice, United, UMR, Optum, and Cigna for clinically appropriate adults residing in Illinois. 

Common problems I can help with: Depression / Anxiety / ADHD / Social Anxiety / Emotional flooding and Overwhelm / Anger Control Problems / Overthinking & Overanalyzing / Poor Impulse Control / Low Self-esteem / Disorganization / Perfectionism / Career-Work Stress-burnout / Work-Life inBalance / Relationship Problems / Stress Management / Family Issues / Aging Parents / Adjusting to life Changes / Life Transitions

As an ADHD-CCSP Certified Clinical Services Professional, I help adults with ADHD increase their awareness and understanding of their ADHD, emotions, impulses, and executive functioning skill strengths and weaknesses. A primary focus is placed on developing more effective strategies to navigate emotions, impulses, work, relationships, and life with more ease and productivity and less procrastination, disorganization, and paralysis. Other topics might include time management, organizational skills, and improving anger and emotional management skills. Within context of psychotherapy, the intersection and connections between ADHD, depression, anxiety, past trauma/PTSD, social relationship problems, chronic low self-esteem, rejection dysphoria, and poor emotional regulation skills can also be explored.     


For new or current clients who have completed treatment, have other providers, or don't currently have a significant clinical problem such as depression or anxiety, there are non-clinical life coaching services now available. Life Coaching services offer a more flexible opportunity to have a similar educational and consultation service experience without the formality and structured process of psychotherapy (some restrictions, topics and other exclusions apply). Coaching services are available as needed without obligation or long term commitment. Same confidentiality rules maintained. 

ADHD Life Coaching  

For clients looking to improve their understanding of an otherwise diagnosed or self-suspected ADHD. We'll start with a self-assessment of executive skill strengths and weaknesses and then shift to skill improvement, understanding impulse control problems, and building emotional regulation and overall self-management skills. Other topics might include coping with stress and anxiety, using mindfulness and holistic wellness, communication and assertiveness skills, time management and organizational skills, reducing procrastination, understanding time blindness and hyperfocus, reducing inflexibility, and improving anger management, communication, and problem solving, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. Some mental health topics may be excluded.


General Life Coaching

A general consultation service for clients looking to explore and understand personal values, life, relationship, and/or career goals and direction. Specific topics for discussion are open to your needs and choice with some restrictions and exclusions. Topics could include holistic wellness, identifying values, increasing motivation and productivity, exploring self-acceptance and forgiveness, and eliminating self-defeating and self-sabotaging behavior patterns that prevent you from reaching your highest potential. Skill improvement also available in relationship building, personal boundaries, communication and assertiveness skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, and interpersonal effectiveness skills with friends, family, significant other, and others. 

Mind-Body-Spirit Life Coaching

For those looking to achieve greater balance, health, wellbeing, and happiness through non-denominational multi-faith consultation to explore intuitive spiritual guidance on their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, life journey, goals, and life progress. Specific topics for discussion are open to your needs and choice with some restrictions and exclusions. Potential topics may include connecting with intuition and source, spiritual and holistic wellness, identifying spiritual values, finding and improving your understanding of life purpose and path, increasing motivation and contentment with life, and eliminating self-defeating and self-sabotaging beliefs and behavior patterns preventing you from reaching your highest divine purpose. 


Disclaimer: ADHD Coaching, General Life Coaching, and Mind-Body-Spirit Life Coaching services are pastoral care educational and consulting services only and available in any U.S. state and internationally. Life coaching services are an adjunctive service only and not considered clinical counseling, psychotherapy, or treatment for a mental or medical condition; nor an appropriate substitute for clinical mental health treatment services; subject to specific exclusions and restrictions.

Services, Fees, Insurance

Upside Counseling P.C. is a limited private practice clinic providing professional clinical mental health counseling, psychotherapy, and non-clinical life coaching services via TeleHealth and video conferencing for adults. Psychotherapy and clinical mental health treatment services are only available to adults currently residing within the State of Illinois; no exceptions. (Ask your legislature about possible Multi-state Compact coming 2023-2024) 

TeleHealth and other services fees:

Insurance cost and copays vary per insurance plan

Clinical Psychotherapy Session out-of-network $135


ADHD Coaching $125 per 50 min session

General Life Coaching $125 per 50 min session

Mind_Body_Spirit Life Coaching $125 per 50 min session


Insurance billing only available for Illinois residents, In-Network with

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Choice, United/UMR/Optum, and Cigna

Insurance costs can vary significantly; call your insurer to check on your specific benefits and deductibles. 

We are unable to accept payment assignment for HMO clients and require payment at time of service.

Life Coaching services are not billable to insurance and require payment at time of scheduling.


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Office Hours by Appointment Only:

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