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My name is Craig and I genuinely enjoy helping people overcome depression, anxiety, ADHD and everyday life challenges. I believe everyone has the potential to not just feel better and move past their current struggles but also truly feel happier and more fulfilled with their current life. We can all struggle with major life events and sometimes feel stuck and lost. It's ok to need some help to sort out where you are at and plan a new course forward. Therapy is an important investment in yourself so let's work together to make your mental and emotional well-being a top priority moving forward.

Some common problems I help with are: Depression / Anxiety / Social Anxiety / Panic / ADHD / Emotional Overwhelm / Obsessive Overthinking & Overanalyzing / Poor Impulse Control / Low Self-esteem / Disorganization / Perfectionism / Life-Career-Work Stress / Relationship Problems / Stress and Anger Management / Family Issues / Caregiver Stress / Aging Parents

I work with many men with ADHD, depression, and anxiety on improving their self-awareness, ability to manage their emotions and self-control, and improve personal interactions with friends, family, and significant others to achieve a more balanced life so they can reach their chosen goals. I offer free video consultations to see if we're a good fit.

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