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A challenging year can leave you lost and struggling with chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. If everything you have tried hasn't worked, consider trying a private counseling house-call with a Teletherapist beamed directly to your living room couch. This is a great opportunity to try out what has become a very successful platform to receive counseling in a much simpler, easier, and more efficient way. Telehealth is obviously not for everyone but for many mild to moderate problems it works extremely well and removes barriers for many people. Without travel time, you are able now to select from a much wider geographical pool of counselors from anywhere within the state. With less time needed before and after, sessions can be scheduled more around your home time and needs.   










My name is Craig Mead LCSW, LCPC and for over 25 years I have been helping people who struggle with depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and other major life transitions and problems. I customize my therapeutic approach to work with your needs and when appropriate may also integrate various holistic or alternative methods to take a more multidirectional approach to overcome difficult problems like chronic depression. With telehealth, I can provide counseling to adults physically anywhere in Illinois and have insurance and flexible rate options. 

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Here's an article about me in the holistic magazine Natural Awakenings Chicago

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