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Summer 2022


My name is Craig Mead LCSW, LCPC, ADHD-CCSP and I genuinely enjoy helping people overcome their ADHD, depression, anxiety, and everyday life challenges. I believe everyone has the potential to not just feel better and move past their current struggles but also truly feel happier and more fulfilled with their current life. We all struggle with major life events and can sometimes become stuck unable to move forward. It's okay to need some help sorting things out and planing a new course. Therapy is an important investment in yourself so let's work together to make improving your mental and emotional well-being a top priority this year.

Specializations and other common problems and issues I can help with: ADHD / Depression / Anxiety / Restlessness / Social Anxiety / Panic / Emotional Reactivity and Overwhelm / Anger Outbursts / Obsessive Overthinking & Overanalyzing / Poor Impulse Control / Impulsive buying or eating / Low Self-esteem / Disorganization / Perfectionism / Career-Work Stress-burnout / Work-Life Balance / Relationship Problems / Stress Management / Family Issues / Aging Parents / Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions / Life Purpose & Meaning / Inner-Guidance / Spirituality

As an ADHD-CCSP Certified Clinical Services Professional, I help adults with ADHD increase their awareness and understanding of their emotions, impulses, and executive functioning skill strengths and weaknesses. Together we'll develop more balanced and effective strategies to navigate yourself, work, relationships, and life with fewer problems, conflicts, and anxiety. I encourage honest self-reflection to understand your true natural self and gain better control over your emotions and behaviors. 

Services and Fees

Upside Counseling P.C. is a limited private practice clinic providing

professional mental health counseling and psychotherapy services via video TeleHealth to clinically appropriate adults age 24+ residing in Illinois. ADHD Coaching, Life Coaching, and

Spiritual/Pastoral Counseling services also available with no geographical restrictions.

TeleHealth and other Services Fees

Insurance cost and copays vary per insurance plan

Psychotherapy Session out-of-network $135

Group therapy -currently unavailable 

ADHD and Life Coaching Session $125


Insurance costs can vary significantly; call your insurer

to check on your specific deductible/benefits. 

Coaching and Spiritual/Pastoral Counseling Sessions not billable to insurance

In-Network for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Choice, United/Optum, Cigna


Video Consultation



Loop and Edgewater Beach Chicago, IL 


Teletherapy Office Hours by Appointment Only:

Monday through Thursday 10:00am-7:00pm CST


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